The memory of my grandfather scribbling on my chalkboard easel, sketching a winter scene, is still as fresh in my mind as when I was a little girl. I was entranced by the ability to create an entire world with a few marks from a piece of chalk. Since that moment, I have strived to create that magic in my own way, through the design of products and spaces.

As an environmental designer, I am always investigating how to improve and enrich people’s interaction with the surrounding world. Accompanying a keen understanding of technical and digital components, I excel at generating innovative designs and concepts that tell a company’s story.

My design influences stem from fashion, science, and technology. I understand emerging trends in these areas and merge them with a brand’s DNA to create compelling products and experiences that engage the consumer and enhance the physical world. Clients I have worked with include Toyota, Scion, Lexus, Sony, Universal, Disney, Citi, The Federal Reserve Bank, Bandai, and Bombardier.

Specialties: Experiential design + marketing, interior design, furniture design, branding
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